Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ode to Yellow

Got my washing out of the machine this morning and it was all yellow. All my white tops, including that historical halter neck from Stafford-upon-Avon, all my white underwear (although some might welcome the change), all an unusual shade of yellow. Fortunatelly, after some research, I found that yellow is 'in' this summer. In fact it's been 'in' since 2007. Silly me, I had been under the impression that green was the yellow of circa 2007. This is what happens when you don't follow fashion, so I guess I'm lucky that my washing machine does. What's more, it provides this service for free.

A component of a carefree life, is embracing mishaps such as these. Therefore, I am about to embrace yellow in all its manifestations.

In music. Obviously, Yellow by Coldplay, as old as my previously white halter neck. Yellow River by Tony Christie apparently, who knew. Lemon, by U2 could be argued to be a yellow song, same as Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden. Yellow Submarine, the Beattles. Η Μαγιονέζα, από την Λιλιπούπολη. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, by Elton John whose music I'm not particularly fond of but that's a beautiful song and all the more for being in the soundtrack of Breaking the Waves (1996). Yellow Moon, by the Neville Brothers. Also two greek classics, Μαρία με τα Κίτρινα, Δήμητρα Γαλάνη, and Άσπρα Κόκκινα Κίτρινα Μπλε, Βίκυ Μοσχολιού which in fact has most of the colours covered. And finally, Don't Eat the Yellow Snow, by Frank Zappa, a very useful advice.

In diseases. Yellow Fever, a virus for which there is treatment but no cure and which is responsible for 30.000 deaths yearly even in our time. Cirrhosis. It actually makes you yellow.

In mental associations. Taxis. New York. Never been. The Orient. Never been. Yellow pages. Such a waste of paper but not everyone has access to the internet. Lemons, melons (oh my, an anagram!), stains, tablecloths, they will never come out, a puffy jacket that got stolen from the back of a car in Bristol, hatred, but why? Canaries, they are very sensitive, they die and you think it's all your fault and you're only a child. Yellow teeth, yellow nails, yellow press, Τριανταφυλλόπουλος, Yellow River, Kate Hudson's dress in film with very long title, Dimitra's walls in Birmingham, bananas, Woody Allen, pine apple slices.

I really liked my white halter neck from Principles in Stafford-upon-Avon.

Damn you, washing machine!


  1. Anonymous29/7/10 16:36

    You have been told before, by me, no doubt, εισαι μεγαλο ψωνιο!!! I enjoyed the rant, although I don't understand why Woody would be yellow! :-)

  2. Anonymous8/8/10 16:38

    this is so nice! thank you for the writings! i'm going to add your link and keep an eye on future writings. do you mind if i share?


  3. Thanks for reading! Of course you can share!