Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is as unsubstantiated as the existence of the Easter Bunny, but I credit the weather for the fact that we haven't started killing each other yet. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean in a civil war. I mean spontaneously, individually and randomly.
I, for one, definitely feel like hitting people at least once a day, be it out of personal, work related or socio-economic frustration. And I'm generally considered a calm and collected individual. A man on a moped beeped at me the other day because he thought I was going to cross the road and I felt like throwing him off his stupid vehicle and start kicking him ferociously in the stomach. That was at 11 in the morning.
I would like to think that I'm not going mad, that this is justified, long accumulated anger.
I remember when people got out on the streets in Egypt. I was in London at the time and I was thinking that it wouldn't be long, it couldn't be long, before we in Greece did he same. As the unrest spread from country to country and we stayed in front of our tvs, complaining about the corrupt politicians, worrying about every new economic measure that is imposed on us, I began to wonder what is the matter with us.
We are traditionally an unruly people. We go out and we break everything for much less than what is happening to us now. Yet everyone is numb. We've swallowed our pride and we go about our business thankful for whatever we've got left. We still bribe officials in all levels of government, we still watch the news and listen to every sold-out journalist's 'opinion', we still wonder how high the cost of petrol will go before we have to start selling our kidneys.
But now spring is upon us and the weather is sweet. And we are producing more Vitamin D, which I read somewhere, increases the libido. We might be having several undiagnosed nervous breakdowns a day, but at least we can have our cappuccino freddo in the sun and check each other out.
I guess rioting will have to wait.

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  1. Nicholas Vaughan12/4/11 23:22

    Nice work lass... Was bit worried about 'ferociously booting man in stomach' comment...but guess can be overseen, what with what we are all going through!? Actually did'nt realize it was so bad anymore in Greece... I suppose just out of the news again. Arh well... I agree on your 'Spring makes you feel good' vibe anyway. Sure makes a difference, only thing was it started 15 degrees today and ended in torrential torrents!? Still, country would never be so green if we did'nt learn how to endure that! Hope alls well, see yah. X