Friday, May 14, 2010

First Aid Comedies

Imagine this: You just got fired, or you think you soon will be. (You're not alone, there are at least 605.277 unemployed in Greece. That is 12.1 % of the population.) You're at home watching the 8 o'clock news and you wish you had something better to do. You wonder 'how is it possible that the government discovered only just now that there were doctors declaring profits of around 700 euros when they have millions in their bank accounts?'. You shrug. You flick through the channels and all you get is talent shows, cooking shows and documentaries about climate change. You really do wish there was something more uplifting to watch on your new full HD television before they take it away now that you can't afford the payments. You could go out but you don't want to spend any money and it's too early to go to bed. What do you do?

a. You go on facebook to see what everyone else is doing

b. You solve sudoku puzzles to protect your brain from alzheimer's

c. You call your ex/friend/mother to talk about your mother/ex/friend

d. You watch a film you have very legally downloaded from the internet!

Before you download anything else, here is my list of First Aid Comedies that you need to get hold of NOW so that you'll have them at your disposal tonight, after, or better yet, during, the 8 o'clock news:

Comedies always work better if you watch them with a friend, so pick up the phone and put some beers in the fridge. You're all set. Enjoy!

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