Thursday, May 13, 2010

a week later...

It has been a week since the greek parliament voted for the new measures that will keep the country going for a while longer, and our numbness is just about starting to subside. Numbness not only for the austerity of the measures and their unknown but more or less foreseeable consequences on our society, but also for the violence we witnessed last week and the complete disregard of the government for the huge public demonstrations.

However, even if the situation is undeniably bleak, it is almost impossible to be depressed in this weather. Despite everything, people seem to be in a good mood and I'm one of them. I'm happy that the birds are singing outside my window, I'm happy that the garden is in full bloom, I'm happy that we still have some mosquito-free days left. So for now, I'm going to focus on the little things, the little pleasures of life, like watching a good film or having a caipirinha with friends on A's balcony.

The measures are here to stay and, for better or worse, so are we.

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  1. Anonymous25/6/10 11:34

    μεγειά λένε;;;!!! ;) χοχχο